Facilitated by In Affordable Housing staff, our home buyer education classes feature industry professionals who thoroughly guide you through the home purchasing process and answer your questions.   Classes are held twice a month (unless otherwise specified) from 10a.m. to 2 p.m., VIRTUALLY  Cost is $75.00  Click here to register





We offer a comprehensive online homebuyer counseling class that leads you through each step of a home purchase.  Your certificate will be good for one year from the date issued.  Certain lenders and home assistance programs such as the bond loan, ADDI, and USDA require that borrowers complete an HBE class and earn a certificate.  Please allow up to 2 days for your certificate to be emailed to you. Only signed certificates from In Affordable Housing are valid.




Down payment, closing costs, and special loan programs are available to help you purchase your home. First-time home buyers must complete a homeownership education class in person or online to start the process. Assistance may be in the form of down payment and closing costs and special loan programs.




We also offer credit counseling. We help you create a budget, set goals, address credit concerns, build your score and help you pursue your desire to purchase a home.  We will pull a copy of your credit report that is representative of the report that mortgage companies use to approve or deny loans. From your score, we can determine if you are mortgage ready; or if you need further coaching.




If you are behind on your mortgage, contact us today at 501-221-2203. Allowing us to assist you with your foreclosure matter provides you with an advocate and an expert who can educate you and support you in your efforts to deal with your hardship. We will help you communicate and negotiate with your lender, apply for assistance through government programs and understand all of the options that are available to you. Prior to the meeting, complete this intake form as thoroughly as possible and bring copies of the following to the meeting:


  • Photo ID

  • Copy of your mortgage/deed of trust (legal documents given to you at closing)

  • All correspondence from the mortgage company or its attorney, even if it’s unopened

  • All documents from the court or the sheriff regarding a foreclosure, if applicable

  • Most recent pay stubs for all employment. If you are unemployed bring any income award letters such as SSI, SSD, pension, unemployment income

  • Last two months of all bank statements

  • A list of all bills

  • A recent utility bill

  • Last 2 years tax returns